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Will a Drug Conviction Impact Your Future IL Jobs?

A drug conviction can have a big impact on your future. That’s why, if you’re charged with a drug crime in Illinois, it’s not something to take lightly.

Having a criminal record with a drug conviction can limit your future opportunities, particularly in fields that require licensure. Here is what you need to know about your future job prospects if you are convicted of a drug crime in Illinois.

Getting a Job with a Drug Conviction

It’s a standard practice for many potential employers to run background checks on prospective employees. On top of that, you have to disclose any prior convictions that are not sealed or expunged to a potential employer.

Having a drug conviction on your criminal record can prevent you from finding a job, especially in fields like:

  • Commercial driving
  • Law enforcement
  • Jobs involving children
  • Jobs in the medical field, such as nursing

Jobs in the medical field will be tough to get with a drug conviction on your record. In Illinois, being convicted of crimes like criminal drug conspiracy or controlled substance offenses may make you ineligible for a nursing license.

In fact, any job that requires licensure will likely also require you to report your conviction to the agency through which you got your license. So even technical careers, like plumber or electrician, can be impacted.

Getting Loans

If you decide you want to go back to school to start a new career in the wake of a drug conviction, this can be problematic for you. Why? Because financial institutions, banks, and student loan providers can reject applications for loans based on a criminal record.

When you have a crime such as a drug conviction on your record, this places you in the high-risk category for loans. This can make it more difficult for you to get loans for valuable assets like a car, which then impacts your ability to make it to school or work. You also may have trouble securing a housing loan – or even securing a house to rent, since many landlords conduct criminal background checks, as well.

Loss of a Current Job

A drug conviction doesn’t simply impact your future. It can impact your present situation, too. Many employers will immediately terminate an employee if they are convicted of a crime in Illinois, particularly a felony like a drug crime. Some employers may only terminate a person if the conviction is directly related to the job, but it still makes your current position anything but secure.

Chicago Drug Crimes Attorney

Even if you don’t lose your job over a drug crime conviction, you must contend with the fact that spending time in jail or taking time off for court appearances can place your employment in jeopardy.

Your best bet if accused of a drug crime is to fight it and avoid conviction. You can only do that with an experienced attorney on your side, someone who understands the law and knows how to fight cases like yours in court.

Circumventing a conviction helps you to avoid all the headaches that can come with it – like losing your job or placing your future in danger. If you’ve been accused of a drug crime, then understand the charges against you fully. Bring an attorney on board to help you fight back and keep your future certain.


About the Author:

Andrew M. Weisberg is a former felony prosecutor who now serves as a defense attorney in the greater Chicago area. He has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and domestic violence to retail theft-related crimes, murder, and drug crimes. His work has been recognized by Avvo, Expertise, National Trial Lawyers, and others, and he has been featured on countless news outlets for his experience and knowledge in criminal law.




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