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Criminal Damage to Property

Chicago Criminal Lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg – For Those Facing a Criminal Damage to Property Charge


If you are facing a charge of criminal damage to property following an arrest in the Chicago area, that charge can actually mean a variety of things because there are various ways in which to damage properties and a seemingly endless list of properties that could have been damaged.


Regardless, however, of the specifics surrounding the allegations that have been made against you, you will want to retain the services of a criminal attorney in Chicago such as Andrew M. Weisberg. Mr. Weisberg can thoroughly analyze the specifics of your particular case, offer you the legal counsel you need to understand your options, and provide you with the aggressive representation you need.


Chicago Defense Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg Can Provide the Aggressive Defense You Need


In general, the charge of criminal damage to property alleges that you purposefully damaged another’s property or land. The damage could have been could have been caused by fire or explosion. If another’s pet is injured, that is also considered damage to property. In some instances, a person can be charged with criminal damage to property when property owned by that person is purposefully damaged in an attempt to collect insurance benefits.


Even someone who sets off a stink bomb in a public building can be charged with criminal damage to property. Because a damage to property charge can obviously be so complex and involves such a wide variety of possibilities, you will certainly want to have the assistance of a Chicago criminal attorney like Andrew M. Weisberg. Mr. Weisberg has the legal training and familiarity with the laws and statutes of Illinois that enable him to get to the bottom of even the most complex of cases and to uphold and defend your rights at each step of the way.


Andrew M. Weisberg – Defending You Against Criminal Damage to Property Charges in Chicago


The statutes concerning properties in Illinois include many various charges, some of which can be interconnected and hard to separate from one another. For example, it is difficult to damage another’s property without first trespassing there. However, there are also instances where one charge is then further specified, so being charged with damage to property is a different charge than criminal damage to government supported property, and both of those are actually distinct from institutional vandalism.


This complex maze can make it difficult for someone who is facing these charges to fully understand what crime has allegedly been committed. It is even more difficult still for someone charged to make an attempt at self-defense. Fortunately, with the help of Andrew M. Weisberg as your criminal defense attorney in Chicago, you will have a powerful ally who can easily and quickly assess the nature of the criminal damage to property charges against you, regardless of how many they are, and provide you with the vigorous and thorough defense that will help you to obtain the best possible outcome to your case. Mr. Weisberg can help you if you are charged with:


  • Criminal damage to property 720 ILCS 5/21-1
  • Criminal damage to government supported property 720 ILCS 5/21-1-1.01
  • Institutional vandalism 720 ILCS 5/21-1.2
  • Criminal defacement of property 720 ILCS 5/21-1.3
  • Jackrocks violation 720 ILCS 5/21-1.4
  • Criminal trespass to vehicles 720 ILCS 5/21-2
  • Criminal trespass to real property 720 ILCS 5/21-3
  • Criminal trespass to state supported land 720 ILCS 5/21-5
  • Criminal trespass to a safe school zone 720 ILCS 5/21-5.5
  • Criminal trespass to a place of public amusement 720 ILCS 5/21-9
  • … and more

If you have been charged with any criminal damage to property crimes or any combination of them, Chicago defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg can provide you with the legal counsel and representation that you will need as you attempt to build an adequate defense to combat these charges


When You Need an Aggressive and Experienced Chicago Defense Lawyer – Andrew M. Weisberg


It may surprise you to learn that your criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, Andrew M. Weisberg, has not always been on the defense side of the courtroom aisle. Prior to beginning his private practice in which, in order to provide the individual and personalized attention that your case warrants, he focuses solely on criminal defense cases, he was one of the prosecuting lawyers for Cook County.


That experience is part of what has enabled him to become one of the premier criminal lawyers in Chicago today because it gave him a unique vantage point as one who has had to look at the law from all angles. It has also helped him to successfully defend cases just like yours by anticipating the types of strategies and arguments that the prosecution may use.


Experienced and Knowledgeable – Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg


The consequences of a conviction in your case could seriously damage your future and forever mark you as a criminal. You may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed, apprehensive, or confused about what exactly this charge of criminal damage to property could mean for your life. When you meet with Andrew M. Weisberg, your defense attorney in Chicago, he can help to assuage your fears and nervousness and provide you with the peace of mind you can have in knowing that a highly effective and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is handling your case.


Contact the Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg When You Are in Search of a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you have been arrested in Chicago for criminal damage to property, no matter how straightforward or complex the charge, Andrew M. Weisberg is a criminal defense lawyer known for tough, aggressive defense.


A former felony prosecutor, Attorney Weisberg has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and violent crimes to theft-related crimes and traffic violations. To contact Mr. Weisberg, call his cell phone 24/7 at 773.908.9811 or fill out the Case Review form on our website. Your initial consultation is free.

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