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Get Chicago Battery Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg on Your Side


Maybe you lost your temper and got into a fight with a friend. Maybe you shoved someone who kept trying to provoke you. Or maybe you didn’t cause any physical harm, but someone else is claiming that you did. Whatever the case, you’re now facing a battery charge.


In the state of Illinois, battery (720 ILCS 5/12-13) is defined as the act of intentionally causing bodily harm to another person or making physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature. In most cases, it’s classified as a misdemeanor, although when serious physical harm is done, it may be classified as a felony.


No matter what the classification, a conviction will affect the rest of your life. Battery in Illinois typically carries up to 364 days in jail and a fine up to $2,500. Beyond that, you’ll have to contend with a criminal record that will show up every time you need a background check, potentially making it difficult to find a job, get housing, or continue your education. You’ll also face the stigma that comes with being convicted of a crime like battery.


Don’t let one momentary mistake or misunderstanding govern the rest of your life. Call Chicago criminal attorney Andrew M. Weisberg to receive the best possible legal counsel and defense.


Knowledgeable Chicago Defense Attorney Can Help You Know What to Expect in a Battery Case


Battery is a general term that is often misunderstood. Most people assume that in order to be charged with battery, they have to come into direct physical contact with another person, but under Illinois state laws, battery also includes any case where someone caused bodily harm to another individual, even if they never came into direct contact. Examples of battery with no direct contact include:


  • Spitting on someone
  • Throwing a bucket of mop water on someone
  • Throwing a drink in someone’s face

Examples of simple battery where there is physical contact include:


  • Punching someone
  • Hitting someone with an object, such as a chair or baseball bat
  • Intentionally tripping someone (if injury occurs)
  • Pushing someone (e.g. against a wall or down a flight of stairs)
  • Forcefully grabbing someone’s clothes or hair


In addition to the above examples, where you would most likely be charged with battery, you may also be charged with the felony charge of aggravated battery (720 ILCS 5/1-12.305) if you cause serious injury or assault (720 ILCS 5/12-1) if you make threats and place the victim in reasonable apprehension of imminent battery.


No matter what the charge against you, you’ll need to work with a top defense attorney in Chicago if you want your case to have the best possible outcome. Andrew M. Weisberg has years of experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, giving him the perspective and insider knowledge you need for your day in court.


Let Andrew M. Weisberg Build a Strategic Defense in Your Battery Case


You might feel like it’s all over after you’ve been charged with battery, but the important thing to remember is that a charge doesn’t automatically equal a conviction. As a criminal defense attorney in Chicago, Andrew M. Weisberg is well aware that many people are charged with crimes that they have not committed. In other instances, the case the prosecution builds against the suspect may be based on flawed information or evidence that was obtained in an unconstitutional manner and is therefore inadmissible in court. If there is any possibility that the evidence against you is flawed, Mr. Weisberg will work tirelessly to bring those flaws to the court’s attention and, if possible, get all charges dropped.


Whatever the circumstances of your case, Andrew M. Weisberg firmly believes that a fair legal system requires all individuals to be given the right to prevent a defense before the judge makes their decision. As your defense attorney, Mr. Weisberg will leave no stone unturned, thoroughly investigating all the specifics of your case and aggressively pursuing every available and legitimate defense.


Why You Should Retain Andrew M. Weisberg as Your Chicago Batter Lawyer


One of the benefits of working with criminal defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg is that you can rest easy knowing Mr. Weisberg will not be floored by the prosecution. Prior to opening up his independent practice, Mr. Weisberg served as a prosecuting attorney with the Cook County and Will County State’s Attorney’s Office.


His years of experience as a prosecutor have enabled him to understand battery laws from each and every angle. This makes him uniquely poised to offer an incredibly proactive and intuitive defense on your behalf because he can anticipate and refute, in many instances, the kinds of arguments that the prosecution will attempt to use against you.


In addition to fighting for you in the courtroom, Andrew M. Weisberg will be your staunchest supporter as you go through this difficult and stressful time. Mr. Weisberg handles all cases without judgment and treats his clients with the basic respect and dignity that all people are entitled to. He will provide frank and honest legal counsel, and he will keep you updated and informed throughout every step of your case. When you need a Chicago criminal attorney who truly cares about his clients and their cases, turn to Andrew M. Weisberg.


Call Battery Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg Today


If you’re already facing battery charges, you can’t just bury your head in the sand. You need to be proactive and contact a criminal attorney as soon as possible in order to start preparing the strongest possible defense. Don’t wait any longer; call Andrew M. Weisberg today and fight to keep a battery conviction off your record.


Andrew M. Weisberg knows that clients may need his assistance beyond the usual 9 to 5 business hours, which is why he asks that you call him whenever you need legal assistance on his cell phone at 773-908-9811 or fill out the Case Review form on our website. Your initial consultation is free, so schedule a meeting and learn more about what Andrew M. Weisberg can do for you.

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