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Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

Chicago Criminal Lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg – When Charged with Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse


Though most people are unfamiliar with the charge of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, most have heard the phrase “statutory rape” when referring to having a sexual relationship with someone who is underage. In Illinois, the crime of aggravated criminal sexual abuse most often refers to a case in which a person 17 years or older has sexual contact with a child 13-16 years old and the two individuals are 5 or more years apart in age. This sex crime is a Class 2 felony which is punishable by from 3-7 years in prison and a fine up to $25,000. Additionally, a person convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse will also have to register as a sex offender for life.


An experienced sex crimes defense lawyer like Andrew Weisberg gives you the best chance to avoid these harsh penalties. If you find yourself facing a charge of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, you will not want to risk the crushing punishment that can be assessed upon a conviction. To avoid the serious consequences of a conviction and the stigma of being identified as a sex offender, you will want to consult with Chicago criminal lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg as soon as possible. Together, the two of you can begin to build a strong defense with regard to your case.



Andrew Weisberg is a former felony prosecutor and understands sex cases from both sides. This will give you a tremendous advantage when fighting the case in court. Contact Mr. Weisberg now to discuss your case in detail. He will explain the law, the consequences upon conviction and the best way to defend your case.


Chicago Sex Crimes Lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg Can Provide the Aggressive Defense You Need


A conviction on a sex crime charge will forever stigmatize you and a conviction for aggravated criminal sexual abuse can be particularly damaging. It tells the world that you were engaged in inappropriate contact with a minor. This can be the case even if the minor was an older teen and even if no force was used. The idea behind aggravated criminal sexual abuse or “statutory rape” is that the child involved is not old enough to consent and therefore any sexual contact is illegal.


For many convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, the social isolation created by having to register as a sex offender for life is actually far worse than whatever incarceration they had to endure. That is why having Andrew M. Weisberg at your side as your criminal lawyer in Chicago is essential if you are facing such charges. The damage that can be done to your future with a conviction is far too extensive to risk without the help of an expert Chicago sex crimes lawyer like Mr. Weisberg.


Defending You Against Chicago Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse Charges – Andrew M. Weisberg


In some instances, prosecutors will charge you with multiple sex crimes or multiple counts of the same crime like aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The aim in this can be two-fold, either the hope is that even if they cannot get a conviction on one charge, perhaps they will be able to convict you on one of the others; and, if multiple convictions can be obtained, the penalties assessed will multiply in kind.


The result can be that instead of facing a prison sentence of three to seven years, you can find yourself looking at a much larger sentence if the prosecution is successful. Chicago criminal defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg will work diligently to try to ensure that does not happen. Whether you face multiple counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse or have been charged with various sex crimes, Mr. Weisberg is prepared to mount the most aggressive defense possible on your behalf. Andrew M. Weisberg, Chicago defense lawyer, can assist you with any of the following charges:


If you have been charged with any of these crimes or any combination of them, Chicago defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg can provide you with the legal counsel and representation that you will need as you attempt to build the best defense to combat these charges


When You Need an Aggressive and Experienced Chicago Sex Crime Attorney, Consult Andrew M. Weisberg


One of the reasons that Chicago sex crimes attorney Andrew M. Weisberg has had such a track record of success in handling, among other cases, those related to aggravated criminal sexual abuse is the fact that he has also prosecuted such cases in the past. Prior to his exclusive focus on a criminal defense practice, Mr. Weisberg served as a prosecuting attorney with the Cook County and Will County State’s Attorney’s Office.


This wealth of experience has uniquely qualified Mr. Weisberg to offer a distinct perspective as a Chicago criminal defense attorney who can often anticipate what the prosecution will do in a particular case because it is as though he has insider knowledge. If you are facing charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, Mr. Weisberg can put that knowledge and experience to work for you.


Experienced and Knowledgeable – Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg


Your criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, Andrew M. Weisberg understands the incredible stress that you are under right now. Any criminal proceeding can be overwhelming in and of itself, but when the stigma of a sex crime is added, the embarrassment and humiliation that you and your family can be exposed to can make it seem as though you have no hope. Let Chicago criminal attorney Andrew M. Weisberg help you regain perspective. He will meet with you for an initial consultation where he will analyze your case and provide you with the legal counsel you need to help you make informed decisions regarding your options and to look towards the future with a sense of hope rather than a sense of despair.


Contact the Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg When You Are in Search of a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you have been arrested for aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Chicago, no matter how straightforward or complex the charge, Andrew M. Weisberg is a criminal defense lawyer known for tough, aggressive defense. A former felony prosecutor, Attorney Weisberg has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and violent crimes to theft-related crimes and traffic violations. To contact Mr. Weisberg, call his cell phone 24/7 at 773.908.9811 or fill out the Case Review form on our website. Your initial consultation is free.

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