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Former Felony Prosecutor Defends the Accused
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If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in or around the Chicago area, you need the strongest possible defense and the best criminal defense lawyer at your side.


Why? Police and prosecutors in Chicago and around Illinois take criminal charges very seriously. You can be sure that they will come after you or a loved one with everything they’ve got and seek the maximum punishment allowed by law. These are people who have countless legal tricks at their disposal and won’t be afraid to use them.


Only a former prosecutor can think like a prosecutor to best anticipate the government’s strategy and formulate the right plan to defeat it. Andrew Weisberg served for nearly a decade as a prosecutor and uses that experience and insight daily to defend his clients in Chicago and Cook County in a way that few others can. As a former Cook County felony prosecutor, Mr. Weisberg understands every aspect of the criminal justice system in Chicago and the suburbs.


Chicago criminal defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg has been protecting the rights of people just like you for since 1996, so he can combat this onslaught with experience, knowledge, and a tenacious personality. Even when going up against the full power of the Chicago or Illinois government, you can be sure that Mr. Weisberg won’t back down, but will instead use all of the tools he’s cultivated over the years to fight vigorously for your rights and try to get the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether.


When your back is against the wall, this kind of knowledge is invaluable, and Mr. Weisberg isn’t afraid to use it to make sure that your rights are protected and you get the best possible outcome in your case. Mr. Weisberg cares deeply about each and every client he defends and is never satisfied until the client is happy.



In his years defending people against criminal charges, Chicago criminal lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg has helped clients to get hundreds of successful verdicts. How has he managed to achieve such a high level of success? By excelling both in his ability to negotiate with prosecutors and as a trial lawyer.


chicago-defense-attorney Skilled negotiating is all about planting enough doubt in the prosecutor’s mind that he or she starts to worry that they won’t get a conviction if they take the case to trial. When prosecutors lose in court, it’s something that is not only embarrassing for them, but also for the government, and they try to avoid it at all costs. Mr. Weisberg knows this, and understands how to make prosecutors doubt the strength of their case and often reduce the charges or dismiss the case altogether.


The best criminal defense lawyers know how to persuade a judge or jury that the case against their client is weak and that a finding of not guilty is the only just result. Successful criminal attorneys are able to pick apart the State’s case with a very thorough cross examination of police, eye witnesses and other government witnesses.


With his long history and vast experience on both sides of the courtroom, you can be sure that Mr. Weisberg will always fight hard against the prosecutors, police and witnesses who seek to do harm to his clients in court.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true of all attorneys. To properly defend a client against serious criminal charges, a lawyer must be aggressive in negotiations and at trial before a judge or jury. Many defense attorneys are reluctant or even fearful of the rigors of courtroom battle. Many are afraid to take a case to trial. Those attorneys develop such a reputation and prosecutors know it. These lawyers fail to secure the best deals for their clients because the prosecutor knows that such lawyers will do anything to avoid a trial. Andrew M. Weisberg will always fight to secure the best outcome for you or a loved one because he is always ready to battle the prosecution at trial. Mr. Weisberg has great success in both negotiations and at trial before a judge or jury.


This is important for a number of reasons:



  • Lawyers who are not as good at negotiating a favorable plea won’t be able to get your charges reduced or dropped before the trial begins. Skill in this area can get you a good deal while keeping you from ever having to go to trial.
  • Lawyers without courtroom confidence and success may end up deciding to take a deal that favors the prosecution just to avoid going to trial.
  • Lawyers without courtroom experience may not know how to use facts and evidence to your advantage to help sway a judge or jury in your favor.



When You Need a Tough, Seasoned, Credentialed Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney with the Experience and Perception of a Former Cook County Prosecutor.

  • Sep. 21, 2016

    Client charged with domestic battery after allegedly striking his wife in the presence of their young child.

    The client was in the United States on a work visa and could not have any violent crime on his record. Mr. Weisberg explained to the prosecutor that t...
  • Sep. 23, 2016

    Client charged with several counts of money laundering and facilitating a financial crimes enterprise.

    The client was arrested after a lengthy undercover police investigation as well as the execution of numerous search warrants. All alleged criminal ac...
  • Sep. 26, 2016

    Client charged with domestic battery and interfering with a 911 call. The client decided to fight the case at trial.

    The prosecutor presented photographs of bruises that they alleged were caused by the client during an attack. Mr. Weisberg prepared the client for tr...
  • Oct. 6, 2016

    Client was charged with many extremely serious sex crimes after he was accused of taking advantage of his position of authority to have a sexual relationship with an underage girl.

    The client made a full confession to police. The prosecutor charged the client with 18 separate counts of sex offenses. The minimum sentence based on ...

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A Strong Defense No Matter What Charge You’re Facing in Chicago


Some people may feel like they don’t need a criminal attorney because the charges that they are facing seem minor and don’t carry much of a punishment. Thinking this way is a mistake.


Even if you are just facing a low level misdemeanor charge, there are consequences – and even the minor-sounding offenses are often worse than you think. Maybe you “escape” with community service and fines or simply having to take a class that is designed to prevent you from repeating the behavior. For many people those things are still going to end up impacting their lives in meaningful ways. The most experienced criminal attorneys know how to get the best possible outcome and keep your record clean.


Getting charged is bad enough, and may create a strain between you and your friends, family members, and coworkers. But if you end up being convicted, you’re going to carry a criminal record around with you for the rest of your life. This is something that will make all kinds of things that you take for granted harder, including finding housing, securing a loan, and getting a job.


No matter what charge you are facing, you need to work with an experienced criminal attorney to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome.


Call Now – Time Matters with Chicago Criminal Charges


If you or someone important to you is facing or about to be charged with a crime, the best time to contact a top criminal attorney is now. The earlier that you start working with a skilled criminal defense attorney, the better your chances at getting a favorable result, because you’ll have someone who knows how to protect your rights, keep you from damaging your case, and build a defense strategy.


To start planning your winning strategy today, contact Andrew M. Weisberg for a free consultation by calling his cell phone 24/7 at 773.908.9811 or by filling out this case review form.


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