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Who Should You Turn to When Facing Criminal Charges in Northfield, IL?
Only a Criminal Attorney Known for Being Tough, Seasoned, and Credentialed.

When you’ve been charged with a crime in Northfield, IL, you’ll need a criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected, that you have a solid defense strategy, and that you receive a fair hearing. Northfield criminal defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg is an accomplished, unrelenting defense lawyer who has the skill and expertise to accomplish all of these objectives on your behalf for your criminal defense. Being accused of a crime poses a threat to every facet of your life. If you are convicted, you could lose your freedom, jeopardize your family, and lose out on many opportunities for the future, including career and educational opportunities. Because the losses can be so profound, it’s critical to entrust your criminal defense to a capable criminal lawyer who cares about your outcome.

Andrew M. Weisberg is a seasoned defense lawyer in Northfield who has extensive courtroom experience. Mr. Weisberg served as a prosecutor in Will County and Cook County, and then chose to focus exclusively on criminal defense law in Northfield and the Chicago area. Defense attorney Weisberg brings keen legal acumen to your criminal case so you can expect the strongest defense that can be had, no matter what type of criminal charge you face.

Find a Northfield Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Believes You Deserve the Best Defense Possible

Your Northfield criminal defense lawyer practices criminal law precisely because of the belief that you deserve a fair and thorough defense no matter what you’ve been accused of-assault, domestic violence, possession of heroin, shoplifting, or any misdemeanor or felony. Whether you need a domestic violence lawyer, theft attorney, or drug attorney in Northfield, Andrew Weisberg is the criminal attorney to entrust with your defense. With nearly 20 years of experience in the courtroom, Mr. Weisberg brings knowledge, passion, and skill from both sides of the aisle to work in defending you.

Don’t Lose Hope in the Face of Criminal Charges; Your Defense Attorney in Northfield, IL Will Defend You at Every Step

If you think there’s too much evidence against you to stand a chance in court, or conversely, if you think that your innocence will be readily apparent once you get the opportunity to take the stand, you’re underestimating the complexity of the legal process. Whether you are guilty or innocent of the crime that you’ve been charged with, the skill of a Northfield, IL criminal lawyer is an absolute necessity in order to present your case to the judge or jury in a way that stands to benefit your case rather than harm it.

With the help of a Northfield defense attorney who has experience providing criminal defense in Cook County and Will County, negotiations with the D.A. may result in dropped or reduced charges or the option of pleading to a lesser charge. If those scenarios are out of the question, your Northfield criminal lawyer may be able to help you get probation or ensure that any sentencing you receive is toward the lighter end of the range, as opposed to the most severe. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, you will want an attorney who is driven to see to it that your rights are upheld at all times.

Among the many types of criminal cases, Northfield criminal lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg has represented in Will and Cook counties are the following:

For a Northfield, IL Criminal Lawyer with Experience and Passion, Andrew M. Weisberg

A Northfield criminal defense lawyer who has experience as a prosecutor provides a leg-up for your defense. This mastery allows criminal attorney Andrew M. Weisberg to foresee what type of approach the prosecution is likely to use in their case against you and prepare accordingly. No matter what type of crime you are charged with-theft to battery to white-collar crime or any other criminal offense-criminal defense attorney Weisberg will not flinch in his defense of you and your right to be defended in the most thorough and vigorous way.

Call Northfield, IL Criminal Defense Lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg for a Free Consultation Today

If you have been arrested in Northfield, no matter how straightforward or complex your criminal charge, Andrew M. Weisberg is the Northfield, IL criminal lawyer known for tough, aggressive defense. A former felony prosecutor turned defense lawyer, Andrew M. Weisberg has extensive experience with all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and drug charges to theft-related crimes and even traffic violations.To contact Mr. Weisberg, call his cell phone 24/7 at 773.908.9811 or fill out the Case Review form on our website. Your initial consultation is free. Call today to begin getting the help that you need.

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