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Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney
Former Cook County Felony Prosecutor

Andrew M. Weisberg


The Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg – When You Need
Vigorous Criminal Defense in Chicago

When you are facing criminal charges in Chicago, you need a Chicago criminal attorney who is committed to providing you with the very best representation possible, and that Chicago criminal attorney is Andrew M. Weisberg. With years of experience as both a former felony prosecutor in the Cook County judicial system and as a successful criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, Mr. Weisberg has the expertise necessary to ensure that your rights are upheld and protected at each step of your case.

Your future is too important to risk the negative effects of a conviction. Retaining the very best Chicago criminal defense lawyer possible can make the difference between freedom and incarceration. Choose the Chicago criminal defense attorney who will work assiduously on your behalf.

As a former prosecutor, Andrew M. Weisberg is fully versed in the laws regarding the charges you are facing. Because of his experience on both sides of the courtroom, it is as though he has insider knowledge regarding the tactics and the strategies that the prosecution may use in their case against you. Because he understands the arguments that they may use, Chicago defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg can work to build the strongest defense possible to aggressively pursue the very best outcome possible in your case.

Charged with Aggravated Battery in Chicago? White Collar Crimes? No Matter the Charge, Chicago Criminal Lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg Will Protect Your Rights

Chicago attorney Andrew M. Weisberg knows that it is paramount for you to have an aggressive defense attorney at your side when walking into a Chicago courtroom. Regardless of what charges you are facing, you still have rights that should be upheld and protected. Chicago lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg is fully committed to each one of his clients, whether they have been charged with criminal trespass, resisting arrest, domestic violence, public indecency, or any other criminal charge in Chicago. When you retain Mr. Weisberg as your criminal lawyer in Chicago, you have the assurance that you have a criminal defense attorney who will:

  • Thoroughly and completely represent your rights regardless of your alleged crime or background
  • Provide you with the individualized and personalized attention that you and your case merit
  • Aggressively represent and defend you whether in or out of the courtroom
  • Continue to stay current on any developments in your case and communicate with you regarding the same

Chicago criminal attorney Andrew M. Weisberg knows that this is one of the most difficult things you will face in your life, and he will treat you with all the dignity and respect that you deserve while at the same time pursuing every possible angle for your defense.

An Aggressive and Experienced Chicago Defense Lawyer

A conviction for a criminal charge can bring with it severe consequences and a lifelong stigma as a convicted criminal. Consequently, it is essential that you have the very best Chicago criminal defense as you attempt to defend yourself against these charges. Even if you know you are innocent, even if you think that the prosecution’s case against you is weak, even if you suspect that much of the supposed evidence against you was gathered in violation of your rights, it behooves you to have an experienced and knowledgeable and seasoned Chicago defense lawyer working diligently to prove all of those things on your behalf.

The court system can be very difficult and overwhelming to navigate, but Chicago attorney Andrew M. Weisberg has the necessary experience to walk you through each step of your case and to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

see what clients are saying about andrew weisberg

 by Linda O. on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg
Simply the best!

Andrew was my 1st and only call I had to make when my son needed an attorney. He is extremely professional, kind and knowledgeable. Andrew takes the time to explain things, and is always available on his cell to answer any question to put your mind at ease. My son was charged with armed robbery and was facing over 20 years in prison, but Andrew was able to get the charges reduced and no jail time. I am extremely grateful to Andrew for his hard work and dedication to his profession. Do yourself a favor and stop searching, you will not be disappointed!

 by Neil Adams on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg
Great Lawyer.

I am a defense attorney in Will County Illinois. Whenever I get a matter in Cook County I always refer it to Andrew. He and I have known each other since the early 1990s when we worked together as Assistant State's Attorneys in the Criminal Division of the Will County State's Attorney's Office. Andrew really knows his stuff and truly cares about his clients. I can't speak highly enough about him as a person or an attorney.

 by Christi Wondrely on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

Andrew Weisberg is an amazing attorney and was very quick and extremely helpful in a very stressful time for my daughter. I would highly recommend Andrew for any situation. Thank you so much Andrew!

 by Dave piekarz on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

Called Mr. Weisburg 2 days before my court date and he took care of everything. Went above and beyond anything I asked for. Can't get a better lawyer than Weisberg.

 by Future Nurse on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

This message is just to THANK YOUUU! for all your help in my case! Finally I did my background check for nursing school, and came out CLEAR! You help me to give me my life back again and pursue my dreams of becoming a nurse! I am in the Nursing Program now, and if you ever find me in an hospital as a nurse, I will make sure you and your family receive just an excellent care! I just wanted to thank you for all, since the beginning when I called you, you were so kind. I will always recommend you as one of the best lawyers in the Chicago area! Thank you so much!

I went through several meetings with prospective lawyer representation before deciding to go with Andrew Weisberg. I was wrongly charged with a crime I did not commit and Andrew had the case dismissed quickly and thoroughly upon my hearing. Andrew went the extra mile in keeping my mind at ease through the whole process and made it easy for someone like myself not well versed regarding the legal system to understand. I would HIGHLY recommend Andrew to anyone in need of a dynamite defense attorney.

I have never had a need for an attorney before I met Andrew. He was able to put me at ease with his confidence and knowledge of the law. He also explained every step of the process and he really CARED about my thoughts and feelings. He is an incredible person and professional. I would highly recommend his services!

Highly Recommend

While I am not excited about the reasons for meeting Andrew, I am glad that I was introduced to him and his abilities. When I spoke with him for the first time, he told me what to expect and what he thought might happen. Being my first offense he was confident that he could help me. In between the time of that first conversation and the time we had to go to court, any questions I had, I was able to email him and he responded back right away. Even on the weekends. I was very impressed. Once we got to court, we were thrown a curveball, but he still managed to work with the less than favorable chances of getting me free of my offense, and I walked out of court without a mark on my record. I do not plan on getting sent back to court, but I would definitely refer anyone to Andrew! He saved me and my life!

I had never been in any sort of legal trouble before and neither has anyone in my family. Needless to say, when I was a arrested we didn't know what to do. My Father found Andrew on a whim and he explained the legal process to us very clearly and made is very comfortable throughout the hearings. Andrew is a great guy and if you want to win your case I highly recommend him. Thank you for everything.

Andrew Weisberg is an attorney with a heart who cares about his clients. He is not only very dynamic and professional in his work but also has his clients interest very close to his heart. When I first talked to Andrew about my case, Andrew was very honest with me and laid out various outcomes that were possible and put my mind at rest. Ever since I contacted him I did not have to worry about my case as I knew I was in very good hands. Andrew got my case dismissed and that was the best possible outcome I could get. Andrew went a step further and got my case expunged. In Andrew, I have found not only the best possible Criminal attorney but also a caring human being who I now regard as a friend who I can always turn to for advice. I strongly recommend Andrew to all prospective clients and can vouch for his sincerity and professionalism.

 by Mark Murley on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

My son had an encounter that turned into an assault charge. I knew we needed legal help and Andrew returned my call within 30 minutes on a weekend We were clueless how to navigate the legal system and what to do next. Andrew helped us step by step and communicated with us accurately and positively. In the end it could not have worked out better. Andrew knows the system. I would call him immediately if we ever needed help. Thank you again Andrew

 by Criminal Defense Client on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

I highly recommend Andrew Weisberg to people who, like me, find themselves in trouble with law and desperately need a knowledgeable lawyer to hold their hands and get through the turmoil! Andrew helped me with a battery misdemeanor case. He's very responsible and has tremendous knowledge about the state law and local courts. He understands the anxiety of a client and patiently answers all my questions and concerns! His presence and professionalism made me feel very ease at the court hearing date. Like many non-sense charges, the case was dismissed at the court! Anyone who deeply cares about their record, career and reputation deserves a good lawyer like Andrew!

 by Domestic Violence Client on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

Very professional, knowledgeable, confident, down to earth, honest and realistic. As a family member of someone who was in need of a criminal defense attorney, I am truly grateful that we were able to find Andrew. We met with several attorneys before deciding to go with Andrew. We were impressed with his knowledge of the law, the nuances of the process of court proceedings and trials, and honesty about how he anticipated the case may go (good and bad). Most importantly, he listened and truly took into consideration our feelings and concerns. He cared and understood the impact that the case had on our family member and our family as a whole. He "won" the case for us and we can't thank him enough. I would highly recommend Andrew and can't say enough good things about hi

 by Administrative Law Client on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

Andrew Weisberg was excellent at returning my calls and/or emails immediately. He was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had throughout this agonizing process. He did everything he could to make it as stress free as possible for me. He had a thorough knowledge of what to do and how to proceed and acted quickly to get things to fruition. I would highly recommend Andrew for his excellent legal advice, commitment to my case, and his constant availability when I needed questions answered or my fears allayed.

 by Criminal Defense Client on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

Andrew Weisberg was wonderful during a horrible experience. He always returned my phone calls quickly and was always there for me. He was hard working and got my case dismissed. Not only did he help with all the legal matters with amazing insight and skills, but he also helped me allay all my fears and concerns as I went through this legal process for the first time. He was absolutely wonderful and I would recommend his services to all my family and friends. He truly cares and is concerned for your well being.

 by Criminal Defense Client on Law Offices of Andrew Weisberg

Andrew stepped in to help with our case after we had to replace a law firm that was not providing us with the support we needed. He jumped right in and sympathized with us regarding the nature of our case. He was very straight forward and told us what we were dealing with and what we were fighting against. Andrew was super responsive and was always easily reached via his cell phone. Above all he was not motivated by money but by doing what was right for us. He is certainly one of the strongest most ethical attorneys in Illinois. You can't go wrong.

Andrew handled my domestic battery case very well. He was/is always prompt with responding to calls or emails. Always made sure to take his time in explaining everything in great detail. Very honest with you about possible outcomes and scenarios. Definitely recommend Andrew!

I was starving for advice and a good direction to help a family member, that got arrested in Chicago,IL. I called several Lawyers unfortunately, they were not telling me the truth all they want is Money, which I did not mind if they were honest, giving a good advice and were going to do the work in fact, I almost hired one Lawyer that was going to do nothing just take the money. I was so blessed that I contacted Andrew M. Weisberg, he was so honest, helpful and he steered me to the right direction. I was very desperate for legal advice, When I found my family member got arrested; thank you Mr. Andrew. I wish I could shake your hand.

My son was in need of an attorney and I contacted Andrew over the weekend. He returned my calls on Saturday and Sunday. He was very helpful in helping us understand the legal process and taking the correct steps. His knowledge of how all of this works and advice on what to do was excellent.I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs help.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago – Defending You Against a Variety of Charges

As a reputable defense attorney in Chicago, Mr. Weisberg is well aware that there is a seemingly endless retinue of charges that prosecutors might try to bring against you in order to gain a conviction. As your criminal defense attorney, Andrew M. Weisberg is prepared to defend you against whatever charges have been filed. The practice areas in which Mr. Weisberg specializes include:

Whether you have been charged with possession of heroin in Chicago or are facing a charge of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, Chicago defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg is prepared to meet with you for a free initial consultation so that you can understand the charges against you, the potential consequences, and your best means for a defense.

When You Are in Search of a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer, Contact Andrew M. Weisberg

When you first meet with Criminal Attorney Andrew Weisberg in Chicago, he will thoroughly and completely analyze your case and provide you with the legal counsel that you need to determine what steps should be taken. If he agrees to take your case, Mr. Weisberg will walk you through all of the things that you can expect with your case, and then he will work directly with you to provide the most aggressive criminal defense available.

If you have been arrested in Chicago, no matter how straightforward or complex the charge, Andrew M. Weisberg is a criminal defense lawyer known for tough, aggressive defense. A former felony prosecutor, Attorney Weisberg has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and violent crimes to theft-related crimes and traffic violations. To contact Mr. Weisberg, call his cell phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 773.908.9811. Your initial consultation is free.

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