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Chicago Burglary Defense Lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg – For Those Facing a Burglary Charge

If you have been arrested in the Chicago area and charged with burglary, you are facing a felony charge and could be sent to prison if convicted. Burglary in Illinois is generally a Class 2 Felony, punishable from 3-7 years in prison and a fine up to $25,000. If the alleged burglary was of a school, church, or another place of worship, that sentence could be even longer. The most serious type of burglary is residential burglary, which carries a prison sentence of 4-15 years.

In addition, a conviction for burglary can appear on your record and forever label you as a criminal, possibly affecting your ability to get a job, apply for loans, or even obtain housing. Because of the severity of the consequences involved with a burglary conviction, you will want every possibility of avoiding it, with the help of a burglary attorney in Chicago like Andrew M Weisberg.

Mr. Weisberg has a track record of success in handling burglary cases just like yours, and he is available to provide you with the representation that you will need. Attorney Weisberg is a former felony prosecutor in Cook County and Will County. He, therefore, knows burglary law from both sides. He understands the ways in which prosecutors fight and he will be there to defend you. Call now for an immediate and confidential case review.

Chicago Burglary Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg Can Provide the Aggressive Defense You Need

There are many variables that can affect a burglary charge, and that may mitigate against receiving the harshest of penalties if the prosecution obtains a conviction. Because Chicago burglary attorney Andrew M. Weisberg has knowledge of all of the statutes and regulations governing burglary and any subsequent sentencing, he is the one to rely on to try to negotiate your charge to a lesser offense and to keep you out of jail.

Criminal defense attorney Weisberg understands that those that commit the offense of burglary do so not because they are bad people but because they may have an underlying problem such as drugs or mental illness. He will use any and all information to help get the burglary charged reduced or dismissed all together. If this is your first offense, you may qualify for some kind of deferred prosecution which will enable you to eventually clear this completely from your record.

Only an experienced criminal attorney will know all available options and make a persuasive argument to secure the best possible outcome. Whatever the circumstances of your case, your burglary lawyer in Chicago, Andrew M. Weisberg, will investigate all of the details and provide you with the most aggressive defense possible given your situation.

Andrew M. Weisberg – Defending You Against Burglary Charges in Chicago

A charge of burglary is one of those charges that is rarely filed alone. In almost all cases, there is some other charge associated with it that either indicates how the burglary was alleged to have happened (i.e., burglary tools) or where it occurred (residential burglary, for example).

Regardless of whether you are facing multiple charges or if the charge of burglary stands alone, Andrew M. Weisberg, burglary attorney in Chicago, has demonstrated an incomparable acumen for providing legal counsel and litigation representation that has made him one of the most sought after criminal lawyers in Chicago.

You can rest assured that he has the experience and the wherewithal to diligently pursue every avenue of defense for you and to obtain for you the best possible outcome to your case if you are facing any of the following charges:

If you have been charged with any of these crimes or any combination of them, Chicago burglary lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg can provide you with the legal counsel and representation that you will need to build a great defense to fight these charges

When You Need an Aggressive and Experienced Chicago Defense Lawyer – Andrew M. Weisberg

One of the reasons that Andrew M. Weisberg can provide such astute legal representation for his clients is that before he opened his private criminal defense practice, he served in the Cook County and Will County D.A.’s office as a prosecuting attorney. That means that he has prosecuted cases just like yours, and he knows what it is like to sit on the opposite side of the courtroom aisle.

Because of his dual experience as both a prosecuting attorney and a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Weisberg understands burglary laws inside and out. He knows the statutes, he knows the sentencing requirements (and exceptions), and he knows the tactics that the D.A. may use in order to obtain a conviction.

All of this is to say that he is uniquely positioned to build a defense for you that can anticipate how the prosecution may argue and can preempt those arguments ahead of time. This is just one of the ways that Mr. Weisberg’s experience and knowledge can be of benefit to you when he is your burglary attorney in Chicago.

Experienced and Knowledgeable – Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney – Andrew M. Weisberg

Make no mistake. The burglary charge that you are facing is a serious one with grave consequences if you are convicted. Not only would a conviction have life altering implications for your future, but for that of your family, as well. The risks are too great for you not to have the high quality legal counsel and representation that you will receive from Andrew M. Weisberg when you retain him as your Chicago burglary attorney.

Contact the Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg When You Are in Search of a Chicago Burglary Attorney

If you have been arrested in Chicago for burglary, no matter how straightforward or complex the charge, Andrew M. Weisberg is a burglary attorney in Chicago known for tough, aggressive defense.

A former felony prosecutor, Attorney Weisberg has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and violent crimes to theft-related crimes and traffic violations. If you would like to reach Mr. Weisberg quickly and directly, please call his cell phone 24/7 at(773) 908-9811, or fill out the case review form on our website. The consultation is free.

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