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Category: Traffic Violations

Demerit Points and Traffic Violations: What You Need to Know in Illinois

Traffic violations can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially when they come with the risk of accumulating demerit points on your driving record. In Illinois, traffic offenses can result in demerit points, seriously affecting driving privileges and insurance rates. However, it is essential to understand the system, the types of violations, and how demerit points are assigned. 

Understanding the Point System in Illinois 

In Illinois, the Secretary of State’s office employs a point system to monitor and penalize drivers for traffic [...]

The Consequences of Traffic Crimes in Illinois: Understanding the Penalties

Navigating the roads comes with great responsibility, and Illinois traffic crimes can have significant consequences. Understanding the potential penalties is essential for all drivers, from minor infractions to more serious offenses. Whether it’s a speeding ticket, reckless driving charge, or DUI offense, knowing the legal implications can help individuals make informed decisions and take appropriate action.

Speeding Violations

Speeding is one of the most common traffic offenses in Illinois. The penalties for speeding depend on how much a driver [...]

How Two IL Traffic Violations Can Become Class 4 Felonies

Illinois has seen the passage of a few new laws in 2020, including two new traffic violations that could lead to some serious legal trouble.

Scott’s Law, as well as a law surrounding watching videos while driving, are two traffic violations that are now far more serious than they were before. Here’s what you need to know about these laws and how to ensure you don’t break them.

Scott’s Law

Scott’s Law, also called the “Move Over” Law, was named [...]

These Three Traffic Violations Land You Mandatory Court Dates in IL

While there are situations where you can pay a fine online, or enter a plea without going into a courthouse, in Illinois, there are three traffic offenses that will land a person in front of a judge no matter what. These offenses are taken very seriously and have serious penalties associated with them.

It’s important for anyone operating a vehicle in Illinois to understand the laws surrounding driving in the state and what can be faced if those laws are [...]

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Supporting Survivors of Exploitation in Chicago Prostitution Trials

Prostitution & Solicitation

Facing prostitution charges in Chicago can be an overwhelming and distressing experience, particularly for individuals who have experienced exploitation or trauma. In this blog post, we will examine the importance of trauma-informed defense strategies and how criminal defense attorneys can provide compassionate and supportive representation to survivors of exploitation in prostitution trials. By prioritizing the well-being of their clients and understanding the complex factors underlying their involvement in prostitution, defense attorneys can effectively advocate for their rights and mitigate the [...]

How Chicago’s Legal Landscape Shapes Drug Possession Charges

Drug Crimes | Drug Possession

In understanding drug possession charges in Chicago, it’s essential to explore how the city’s legal landscape has evolved over time to shape the enforcement of drug laws. From historical policies to contemporary approaches, Chicago’s approach to drug possession offenses is influenced by various factors, including legislative changes, law enforcement practices, and societal attitudes toward drug use and addiction.

Historical Context

Like many cities across the United States, Chicago has grappled with drug-related issues for decades. In the mid-20th century, the [...]