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Category: Domestic Violence

How a Domestic Violence Conviction Can Ruin Your Career

For Chicago Bears defensive end Ray McDonald, jail time and fines may be the least of the consequences he faces for his domestic violence charge.


The pro football player was arrested last month on domestic violence charges after allegedly physically assaulting a victim while she was holding a baby, according to CNN. Following his arrest, the Bears released McDonald from the team.


The Bears had taken a gamble on McDonald when they took him on, knowing that the [...]

Why It’s Important to Fight Against False Domestic Violence Allegations

Though the domestic violence laws in Illinois are meant to protect families, abuse of domestic violence laws can harm the very families they were designed to keep safe. False domestic violence allegations can be harmful to the accused, their families, and the Illinois criminal justice system in general.


Regrettably, false domestic violence allegations are not uncommon both state- and nationwide.



Illinois law defines domestic violence as any act of physical abuse, harassment, or intimidation of another member [...]

Chicago Anti-Domestic Violence Program Increases Arrests


The program is revolutionary in the way it involves different authorities—from police officers to women’s shelter employees—and emphasizes quick justice and fast turnarounds. But while this new program is intended to protect victims of domestic violence, it could simultaneously have a reverse effect on the men and women who have been accused of these crimes.


What is the Program?


As the Chicago Sun Times recently reported, the city’s new program seeks to protect victims of domestic violence [...]

Minor Physical Contact Can Still Be Domestic Battery in Chicago

Illinois takes domestic violence charges extremely seriously, and in Chicago, police officers do not take lightly to offenders who have been accused of harming loved ones. These crimes are serious, and police officers, lawyers, and judges are all working together to make sure that domestic violence is not tolerated in our state.


However, despite Illinois’s fervor to completely eradicate domestic violence, our state’s complicated laws can sometimes thwart its own efforts. Some of the domestic violence laws are too [...]

What Evidence is Needed to Make an Arrest?

state-by-state basis. For example, 22 states and the District of Columbia have some form of a mandatory arrest law, which means that police must make an arrest if there is probable cause that an act of domestic violence has occurred (in some cases, they will actually arrest both people believed to have been involved in domestic abuse). The success of this type of law has been contested for year, and new evidence even suggests that mandatory arrest does more harm [...]

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Accused of a Title IX Violation? You Have a Right to an Attorney

Title IX Violations

As the Department of Education is attempting to change Title IX laws, Illinois college students are putting up a fight. Experts say that Title IX, the federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination based on sex, is already not sufficient.

Further weakening of the guidelines will only put victims of sexual harassment and misconduct in an even worse position.

Every university student should understand Title IX and what it means for their college experience. Learn more about Title IX and [...]

Illinois’ Felony Murder Rule: You Don’t Have to Kill to Face Charges


According to the Chicago police, overall crime in Chicago is on the decline. Except when you’re talking about homicides and shootings.

According to their reports, homicides were up 41 percent in February 2020 over the same month in 2019. It’s simply a fact of life that in Chicago, homicide touches the lives of many people.

These grim statistics also shed light on Illinois’ felony murder rule. This controversial murder rule may have people facing murder charges that never even pulled [...]

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