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Commit Domestic Violence, You Can’t Play for U of Illinois

College athletes are often seen as role models, but in the wake of recent scandals like the one at Baylor, certain universities are taking a strong stance on who they are going to allow to play for them.


The University of Illinois may be next on that list.


UI Plans to Ban Athletes with Domestic and Sexual Violence Histories


The University of Illinois is the second of the Big Ten schools – Indiana University was the first – to propose a ban on student athletes who have a history of domestic violence or sexual assault. Illinois’ athletic director Josh Whitman said the athletic department is working on drafting a policy that is similar to Indiana’s policy.


In April, Indiana University’s athletic director Fred Glass stated that Indiana would not accept “any prospective student-athlete – whether a transfer student, incoming freshman or other status – who has been convicted of or pleaded guilty or no contest to a felony involving sexual violence.”


The university then defined “sexual violence” as “dating violence, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault or sexual violence as defined by the Indiana University policy on sexual misconduct.”


Illinois already demonstrated that they take domestic violence seriously when they dismissed basketball guard Kendrick Nunn in 2016 after he was arrested for domestic battery and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge. Less than a month later, Nunn transferred to Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Michigan.


Some believe that the Big Ten conference should take a more proactive approach as a whole to domestic and sexual violence like the Southeastern Conference did


In 2015, the SEC adopted a rule stating they would not accept a transfer student who was dismissed from another school for domestic or sexual violence. The Big Ten, however, won’t be instilling this policy or similar policies any time soon.


As it currently stands, Commissioner Fred Delany says they will allow the individual schools to determine their own policies instead of trying to implement a policy that could cover “14 institutions and 2,500 incoming students annually.”


How Does This Ban Affect My Illinois Domestic Violence Charge?


If you have been charged with domestic violence, this ban just adds another potential consequence to overcome.


On top of lengthy prison sentences and expensive fines, a domestic violence conviction will remain on your criminal record and can affect your employment, education, and housing opportunities. Not to mention the stigma a domestic violence conviction carries.


If you are a college athlete or plan to be one, a domestic violence conviction can destroy your future and aspirations in one fell swoop. That’s why it’s more important than ever to fight back with the help of a skilled Illinois domestic violence attorney.


Domestic violence cases often come down to how a situation might be interpreted – or misinterpreted – by a law enforcement official. For this reason, it’s necessary to reach out to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible, regardless of whether you believe the charges are valid or not.


A qualified Illinois attorney will be able to listen to the details of your case and craft an aggressive defense to give you the best chance at having your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed.


, Commit Domestic Violence, You Can’t Play for U of Illinois

Whether you are or aren’t a college athlete, don’t let a domestic violence accusation ruin the rest of your life. Contact an experienced Illinois domestic violence attorney to start the process of beating your charges.




About the Author:

Andrew M. Weisberg is a former felony prosecutor who now serves as a defense attorney in the greater Chicago area. He has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and domestic violence to retail theft-related crimes, murder, and drug crimes.

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