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Following Charges: How to Get The Help You Need


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Should you or a loved one be arrested and charged with a crime, it’s essential that you consult an attorney at a reputable Chicago criminal defense law firm right away. Even if your charges seem minor, or if this is your first offense, it is imperative to have the legal guidance of an experienced attorney at every step of the process.


Building a strong defense to get your charges reduced (or, if possible, dropped altogether) takes legal prowess and some savvy work, including (not limited to):


  • Scrutinizing all evidence against you to find fallacies and inconsistencies
  • Finding new evidence, including (if possible) witness testimony to verify your claims
  • Working with specialists, such as polygraphists and forensic scientists, to find experts who will testify on your behalf and, as a result, strengthen your case
  • Appearing at all legal proceedings, including bail hearings, trial proceedings and parole violation hearings


Initial consultations are free of charge and will be conducted in a private, comfortable setting. The main benefits of these initial consults are that they allow accused individuals to:


  • Learn more about their legal rights
  • Find out more about the legal process they are facing
  • Decide whether they are comfortable with and can place trust in our services
  • Get expert advice regarding the best manner in which to proceed with their case
  • We have access to specialists who can provide expert testimony, when needed in official legal proceedings.


The Criminal Defense Process:


In Chicago and surrounding counties, the criminal law process has a set format. A skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney is completely familiar with the process and can work at every stage of the process to minimize the negative consequences in your criminal case.


If you are being investigated for a crime, or you suspect that you may be the subject of an investigation, it’s wise to have a defense attorney at the soonest possible point in time. If you have already been arrested and further investigation is called for, a criminal defense attorney and private investigators can help uncover information that is beneficial to your case.


When a person is arrested and booked, the prosecutor/district attorney makes a decision about what to charge the person with. A defense attorney will work at this time to protect your constitutional rights, including the right to:


  • have an attorney present
  • remain silent
  • be presumed innocent
  • have a trial


Posting money or a bond as bail, which acts as a surety for your later appearance in court, is an option at this time. Before bail money or a bond is posted, contact a Chicago criminal law attorney to discuss your legal options.


A person charged with a crime may be faced with a probable cause hearing or another preliminary hearing. A defense attorney can attempt to get a dismissal or reduction of the criminal charge(s) at such a hearing.


If the case proceeds to trial, a competent and aggressive defense attorney is of paramount importance to the defendant, whether the trial is held before a judge alone or a jury. A defense attorney may also be able to persuade the prosecutor to reduce the charges, possibly in a plea bargain.


There is a range of possible sentences for any given crime. A defense attorney will fight to get the most favorable sentence for an individual who is convicted of a crime.

If you would like to reach Mr. Weisberg quickly and directly, please call his cell phone 24/7 at (773) 908-9811 or fill out the form on our website. The consultation is free.